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           Lighten UP! ...  Be You!

      " Sparks are Zingers from the Universe - We all get them - The Challenge is Translating them "

Is Simple - Practice Being You!


'SEE' a New Way - on Your Quest for Zest

 The Quest For Zest !

It's Time ! To remember when You were captivated, charmed, delighted, entranced, enthralled,
beguiled, bewitched, spellbound, fascinated,  riveted, excited ..
​most of all Happy. Just by Being Yourselves… without thinking about it !   

 The... Most ...  IMPORTANT thing...  is  that YOU love being YOU more... Your Adventure... Your Quest  in Your Potential - ZEST! 
  TBT (Truth Be Told) YOU are the only one that can listen to body, mind & spirit..  what you feel 
  And TBT  most of US  haven't been taught how to translate our own feelings...Your Feelings GuideYou.  
  To 'SEE'  who & what is good for You and who & what is not.  

Lighten UP! is the practice of making choices using these tools.
With practice You 'find yourself' being You more.
 Lighten UP!  'Your' Quest for Zest !  TBT - Life without Zest is Stress. Life with Zest is Happy.

IF --- You knew the Stress was my SOS call to make a change
IF --- You knew what Stage Of Stress I was in
IF --- You knew What to do with Your Stress
IF --- You knew Your SOS call was a sign on your Quest for Zest
IF --- You knew everything that is not making You Happier is not being Being You!

If --- You knew to Answer My SOS call - - and how
 Just so You know.. the definitions for:
pursuit to search; seek (often followed by for or after)   
      an activity done especially for pleasure  an adventurous journey 
      a usually adventurous journey made in search of something
an enjoyable or exciting quality; keen enjoyment; the quality or state of being stimulating to the mind or senses

 A witty, often caustic remark.
 A sudden shock, revelation, or turn of events 

SEE : Sense.Evaluate.Evolve  

'SEE' You - 'SEE' Your SOS call  
Stress is your SOS Call to "You from You"  
  You are and always will be on Your  Quest for Zest   

"I Can Do This" 
(my granddaughter says this.. I love it!)
"Let's Do This !"

 We get together 

We connect in a Down to earth and real

.. good conversation 

with laughter and reminders to "Lighten UP!"

and Zingers !

4th grade girl's inner conflict - BE YOU!  struggling with certain girls at school. Her grades were declining. She was Angry at home.

We talked about her feelings - thinking she wasn't liked and something wasn't right with her. She couldn't understand why they were being mean to her. 

All I did was ask ? Do You think they're telling the Truth ? Let's talk about that !

Helping to 'SEE' new options when stuck with feelings of being hurt. 'SEE' how to not take it personal and what action steps to take to make changes in feeling empowered. 

What happened ? She made new friends. She felt more confident, not believing what others thought or say wasn't true. Interestingly enough,  the mean girl,  tried to renew a friendship. Roles where flipped and this 4th grade girl was being a good role model to others.  We talked about boundaries the empower  staying  true to your self.  I talked with her teacher for insight to hear that her grades and her attitude were improving ! Her Self Respect and Pride was returning .. even stronger than before ! WIN-WIN !

Team Conflict with a Girl's High School Soft Ball Team - the WIN-WIN

One of My favorite team experiences:  I worked with a High School Girls Softball team.  The drama in their personal relationships with each other had overtaken their goals, focus and purpose.  With loss after loss and talking with some of the girls.. it was clear one team member's drama had infected their team spirit.

My opening line was " Hi, My name is Scherie and I want you to know the first thing your Coach thinks about when he wakes up in the morning is how to make your lives miserable and how you can lose more games!"   

They laughed because I know this is where the drama had taken their focus.  There were those who thrived on conflict with drama and those who were frustrated and didn't know what to do about it.  

All I did, was ask simple basic questions that required a simple Yes or No. Where we went from there?

It was their choice to Re-committed to their part .. of their team.    

We met a few times over the next couple months and they made a come back. They beat the #1 rated team in the State... all because they were able to Lighten UP!  with the very same team members, talent and abilities  .. AND We Had Fun !  

The leader of drama chose to get back on track.  No one lost face.  They chose to be a team with a winning team spirit.  The chose to let go of the drama 'clutter' that didn't matter.. the stuff that had nothing to do with playing softball and winning games. The stuff that was a drain to their Team Spirit.  They experienced the WIN-WIN. Personal and Team Building !  

Lighten UP! is how to 'SEE' Your Zest-Your Way !

Make a New choice 

Take a new step - practice Being You!

Believe.. One thing will lead to another..  

It is simple ~ not always easy ~ always possible

Important for you to know   ~


As a Lighten UP! Speaker and Consultant.. I only share from my personal experience with tools and insights that have worked for me. I Never diagnose, treat or claim to cure any disorder. I never recommend  anyone to stop seeing a professional for their mental or physical care.

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