Scherie Gates             

Professional Me - Then to Now

Always An Iowa Country Girl. 

You can take the girl out of the country- you cannot take the country out of the girl !

 Wedding  Celebrant ~ Officiant ~ since 2005

 Ordained Interfaith Minister - Religion is to Be a Good Person

 Certified Life Celebrant ~ since 2009

 Speaker who has written inspiring messages-of Love and Loss since 2005


In 2005 close friends asked Me to officiate their Wedding Ceremony. One thing led to and years later I have helped couples and families with over  350 Weddings and 300 Life Celebration services. Putting others at ease, Lightening UP! their Spirit,  no matter how elated or sad the emotions of the Couples, Families, Loved Ones and Friends.    I do not rely on advertising or social networking. My work travels mostly from word of mouth advertising.  Doing what I love that creates a WIN-WIN.   My clients  know  I truly love working with them and appreciate my attention to the little things.  My hope, always,  is for my clients to feel they received more than they expected.  

 My goal is always to lessen the Clutter of Stress for Clients. When we get together for planning meetings it is to plan your way with what you want. Whether it's creating a Ceremony of Love, Life or a Topic for an Event.  If help is needed with Life Challenges.

 The Key is.. I listen. 

I was born & raised on a family farm in Iowa.   I am a country girl at Heart. Country Living gave me Virtues of telling the truth, fess up to your mistakes and to be a good person.. the best I can.  Keeping it real and down to earth.

My Educational Background is Life School.  Live & Learn.  In my life school were lessons of money. Never worrying about money to worrying  and Welfare.  Being a Single Parent, I learned how to handle things on my own. Then..In 1999 a horse rolled over on me.  I 'had' to sit and learn to take new steps. It was 2 months until I could get out of the house on my own.  I learned to accept help when I needed it.  I discovered that Healing is a Mind, Body & Spirit process. One step at a time took new meaning.  

2010 I went thru bankruptcy. Felt pretty low - until - I saw bankruptcy defined as a new beginning.  Since then I have built a full time service of Officiating and Celebrating Marriage and Life. What’s different about my service? Always Personal and I listen.. especially to the Heart.  Helping people with their emotional times.. happy and sad. My goal is always to Lighten UP! their spirits while creating the ceremony ‘they want.’ I help couples and families Lighten UP when there is an elephant (stress) in the room. . with kindness, respect and humor. My business has grown mostly from referrals.  MY 12 years of working with couples and families has helped me to continue to learn and grow, allowing me to help my clients more. Always a Win Win.   To Live & Learn never ends :) The Big Live & Learn was I need to Lighten UP!  I use this in my life and my work. 


‘Lighten UP! ‘  answers SOS calls. (stages of stress)  there are 4 off your path to Crisis

‘Lighten UP!’   clears emotional clutter to ‘SEE' a New Way!

‘Lighen UP!’    is being Happier  - Being Myself !

My favorite compliments are.. 

Our Wedding Ceremony was So US.   This was a Celebration of Life !for their Loved One.. You really Got Her.. His personality, you must have known them.   We Laughed, Cried and Felt Better with a difficult time.  You really .. listen.

No matter what the event.. topic.. mission... goal. 

I Listen, Tailor, and Personalize with Heart. I listen to the little things that can turn out to be the big things.

I always feel 'Lucky Me..' I Love What I Do because of You !!