Scherie Gates             

                           Personal Me ~ I Love Being Mom
                       & Gramma.Grammie.Gramma Scherie !  


You can take the girl out of the country, but you cannot take the country out of the girl. 

Country life gave me virtues of telling the truth, fess up to your mistakes and to be a good person. I love noticing the Little Things.

I am a  proud Mom & Gramma. I love being a Grandma to 6 wonder-full grandchildren who remind me to Play !  I support  Farmers Markets and buy local. Family is the best and most important part of my life.


                       Being You is the Most Important Thing You Will Ever Do   

                                 Being Me ~ Is Always My Work in Progress    



I Love Sharing Messages from the Heart  for the Heart .. 

             and I Love Coffee & Tea