Scherie Gates             



 Linda & Scherie are sistas

  'Clear the Clutter' Workshop 

the definition of clutter is :benign & harmful stuff taking up my valuable physical.emotional. mental space

 These sistas (what they call each other)have put this workshop together 

because they discovered something very.... Important. 

 Our Hearts and our Homes are  connected.

 They created Down to Earth Principles that are Fun and Simple  based on their own experiences over the years, which included Laughter and Tears.. They  learned stuff is more than just stuff ! They thought others might like/want to Learn more about what their stuff means to them!

 Will You Keep it- Pitch it or Let it Go !   

Let's Wine over it ! or Coffee, Tea whatever you like.. Let's Lighten UP! and have a good time laughing out loud!

  Linda Stoolman is a professional organizer who organized her 

first kitchen at 10 years old.  She naturally 'SEE's how things fit or not.  

Scherie Gates is a Certified Life Celebrant.Ceremony Consultant.Spirit Lifter !

 Who naturally translates what maybe be hard to understand.. so it's not

Book Linda & Scherie for a fun time that will create and open new space in your Home & in your Heart !     

While Laughing Outloud!

                           You will 'find' a way to let go, move on, clean it up, sort, keep  
                               most importantly You will 'SEE' what you like & love 

 Linda & Scherie Help You understand, give you a process so you can 'SEE' your next step

Linda... shares ideas and options and teaches how to get started, how to sort, where to take stuff and keep going Clearing the Clutter.

Scherie.. shares emotions that are attached, whether we know it or not. So you are prepared.. and can keep moving thru your stuff.

Scherie & Linda Share Tools that help Understand, help you clear old Clutter that needs to GO.   

Simple tools you easily understand and most importantly, you can 'SEE' yourself accomplishing what you never thought you could !

   "Our Story"  

This came about all… from our Personal experiences … Scherie had a lot..which is an understatement.. of stuff that needed to go. Linda has always been good with organizing.  She asked for HELP! and little did they know all the emotional UPs and Downs that were to come. The Downs attached old memories to her stuff. Memories that weren't all good. Some broken and Some just dusty. BYE-BYE

The emotional stuff, wasn't expected.  Scherie felt different when she pitched or gave away stuff . It felt surprisingly GOOD! and then changes .. good changes would pop into her life.

They learned our physical space affects us in ways they had no idea.  It is still an on going process for Scherie.. but when you have the basics down pat.  The process Linda teaches.  How to Sort. Put like things together. Where to Take Stuff. Questions to ask yourself to help let go. Becomes a habit, like a mantra, when she sees a space that has gotten cluttered up.

AFTER this Workshop .. 

        You will feel the urge and motivated to clear your clutter. 

        You will  know what to do.. whether it be a drawer. a closet. a cupboard. a room.your purse or your thoughts.  

        You will be motivated. 

        You look forward to how Good it will  Feel to Clear Your Clutter! 

Say BYE BYE to clutter say HELLO to your Valuable Mental, Physical and Emotional Space ! 

One thing leads to another.... It's becomes easier to Accept "It Is What it Is"... When you Laugh Out Loud !