Scherie Gates             

                I Love What I Do Because of You !

              Professional Wedding Officiant/Celebrant and Consultant

  Marriage Celebrant  and Ordained Interfaith Minister  with over 300 happy couples
 My religion is to be a good person. Be respectful, kind, honest and have fun.
 I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister and Certified Life Celebrant but Mostly I'm a Good Listener.

 My favorite compliment is It was Perfect Just what we wanted.... It was so US!
 We create a Ceremony that is You! A Ceremony that is Special ~ Unique ~ Personal.
Meetings are Held in my Office, video & phone calls. If you live a longer distance away... That's OK. I have helped many couples plan their ceremony over the phone & with FaceTime & Skype.
I live 15 minutes from Iowa City, Iowa. West Branch, Iowa ~ located right on I-80 
We Have Fun, Create Heartfelt Moments and most importantly ~                      
We celebrate Your True Love :) Your Way ~


    available as a Speaker for:

                               Events, Workshops & Seminars

   Who could benefit ? Kids  and Kids at Heart who want to follow their Quest for Zest !


                                       Lighten UP! is... what I?F

   Being You is The Most Important Thing You Will Ever Do

   Understand Stress is Your SOS Call - how to Use it to Be Well !

   You could 'SEE' A New Way to understand what your e-motions are trying to telling you 

   Following your 'what I?Fs'.  (ideas & feelings) could change everything

   Minding Your Own Business = less stress

   The WIN-WIN  is your Best Way to lighten UP!



               Take One New Step  - One Thing Always Leads to Another - Change One Thing - Everything Changes


                                                          Simple. not always easy. always possible

My passion topic is getting to kids who are SAD (Stress.Anxiety.Depressed). To Understand they are stronger and wiser than they realize. As a life celebrant for 9 years I have worked with families around this topic.. after it was too late. Lighten UP can help with preventative tools. changing the mindset tools. to understand what is being misunderstood about themselves. how to take their power back and live in and with win-win experiences. Easy & Difficult ones, which I call Live & Learns. 


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 We... Linda Stoolman & Myself...  
also do  "Clear the Clutter" Seminars & Workshops

Yes ! We are Sisters. She is great for what to do with too much stuff. And I am the emotional side of it.


     Imagine .. Have Fun learning to 'Clear the Clutter' and then wanting to Do It !


        *  My Sister Linda Stoolman is a Professional Organizer and I am a Professional Speaker and Life Celebrant 

        *  Linda knows how to clear Your Home ..  I show you how your Heart is connected to everything in your home.

        * Linda gives you a simple processSort. Pitch.Keep.Give Away. Sell 
        * I show you a simple process to help let go of what you don't .. absolutely LOVE
                                                  Your Take Home ?  Tools  to create your own plan & process to Let Go of Stuff .. 
                                                                              How IMPORTANT it is to Laugh and 
                                                                              We will Laugh Out Loud... a lot - 

Bring Your Own Alcoholic Beverage or not ! 
We make it fun to Wine about Clutter !  
We will have Hot Tea and Water. 
One Change ~ Everything Changes
  Little things  - take care of big things ... when you take it one step at a time 

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   My  Agenda 

#1 -  First.  Everything I share and teach is from my own personal experience. 

#2 - Lighten UP! is a Practice of paying more attention to what feels good to You. 

#3 - I Believe Feeling Good is when we are Being Ourselves. Stress is when we are not.

#4 - What I share and Teach is from my own life experiences.  My Live and Learns 


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