Scherie Gates             

                I Love What I Do Because of You !

              Professional Wedding Officiant/Celebrant and Consultant

  Marriage Celebrant  and Ordained Interfaith Minister  with over 300 happy couples
 My religion is to be a good person. Be respectful, kind, honest and have fun.
 I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister and Certified Life Celebrant but Mostly I'm a Good Listener.

 My favorite compliment is It was Perfect Just what we wanted.... It was so US!
 We create a Ceremony that is You! A Ceremony that is Special ~ Unique ~ Personal.
Meetings are Held in my Office, video & phone calls. If you live a longer distance away... That's OK. I have helped many couples plan their ceremony over the phone & with FaceTime & Skype.
I live 15 minutes from Iowa City, Iowa. West Branch, Iowa ~ located right on I-80 
We Have Fun, Create Heartfelt Moments and most importantly ~                      
We celebrate Your True Love :) Your Way ~


                               Events, Workshops & Seminars


                                       Lighten UP! is...

   Being You is Your Purpose = The Most Important Thing You Will Ever Do

   Understand Stress - Stress is Your SOS Call - Use it to Be Well !

   A New View to what your e-motions are trying to telling you 

   Minding Your Own Business = less drama

   The WIN-WIN  =  Best choices 





               Take One New Step  - One Thing Always Leads to Another - Change One Thing - Everything Changes


                                                          Simple. not always easy. always possible


                     'Clear the Clutter' Workshops and Seminars



     Imagine .. Have Fun learning to 'Clear the Clutter' and then wanting to Do It !


        *  My Sister Linda Stoolman is a Professional Organizer and I am a Professional Speaker and Life Celebrant 

        *  Linda knows how to clear Your Home ..  I show you how your Heart is connected to everything in your home.

        * Linda gives you a simple processSort. Pitch.Keep.Give Away. Sell 
        * I show you a simple process to help let go of what you don't .. absolutely LOVE
                                                  Your Take Home ?  Tools  to create your own plan & process to Let Go of Stuff .. 
                                                                              How IMPORTANT it is to Laugh and 
                                                                              We will Laugh Out Loud... a lot - 

Bring Your Own Alcoholic Beverage or not ! 
We make it fun to Wine about Clutter !  
We will have Hot Tea and Water. 
One Change ~ Everything Changes
  Little things  - take care of big things ... when you take it one step at a time 

Email  or use Let's Connect to request more information and/or to book us 


  You Should Know My Personal Agenda 

#1 -  First.  Everything I share and teach is from my own personal experience. 

#2 - Lighten UP! is a Practice of paying more attention to what feels good to You. 

#3 - I Believe Feeling Good is when we are Being Ourselves. Stress is when we are not.

#4 - What I share and Teach is from my own life experiences.  My Live and Learns 


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